Online Board Meetings Benefits

Teleconferences have become more common as many companies are adjusting to working from home following the pandemic. While the ease of virtual meetings is an obvious benefit, there are a few things to think about before making the switch.

Participation is less than usual: Some attendees may be intimidated by a remote meeting initially, because they aren’t used to communicating via online communication. This could result in a reduced participation in the meeting. This can slow down the progress of the board and impede the agenda of the company.

It can also be difficult to read body language and facial expressions in a virtual chat that can lead to confusions. A lack of eye contact could also cause directors to feel less confident speaking up, and they can become passive listeners, which isn’t suitable for BoardProspects the boardroom.

The board portal can be used to help improve these issues. For instance, a board management tool with an encrypted video conference feature makes it simple to record meetings and save important documents in one location. Directors can access the minutes and documents anytime, on any device, including before the next meeting.

It is also recommended to ensure that the meeting space is clean and free of distractions. The meeting should not be held during mealtimes, and all attendees are encouraged to turn off their phones when they aren’t speaking to minimize background noise. The chair should have the ability to look over all attendees and advise them to only use their microphones when needed.